Don’t Compromise on the Good Part

There are 3 parameters everybody wants in any project.
The project has to be:

  • Cheap
  • Fast
  • Good

The golden rule is you can only have 2.

  • A fast & cheap project is rarely gonna be good.
  • A fast & good project isn’t cheap.
  • And a cheap good project won’t be fast.

So please choose whether you want it cheap, or fast.
Don’t compromise on the good part.

a Hoss Gifford quote – via Claudio Capodifoglia

Creative Industry Project Management

Creativity in art and advertising requires a certain amount of chaos, after all creating ideas is an organic process.

These are some actions I noticed that can make the difference under such conditions.

  • Keeping a good risk log, thinking up correct mitigations.
  • Having a stakeholder list and a communication plan.
  • Practicing disciplined asset management.
  • Putting exceptional effort in illustrating the technical and time-based constraints, so everyone has the correct expectations.
  • Practicing active quality assurance, involving creative direction from start to finish.
  • Having people challenge each other with great mutual thrust.
  • Creating opportunities for people with all kinds of skills to communicate naturally. (the brand team philosophy)

The advertising industry is creativity driven. The message of a campaign needs to get across in all it’s aspects.

I look at it as very harsh quality assurance. Sometimes that means making an unplanned iteration, or starting over in the middle of a project.

And that unpredictability factor is where I think the greatest challenge lies, to be able to still deliver within budget and on time. This is hard and requires good strategy and business insight.

What the office looks like

Last month I started to work as a project manager for Duval Guillaume, a big advertising agency based in Belgium. The core business of Duval Guillaume is creating strong brands using an idea-centric approach.

Just so you know, my professional headquarters remains at Nascom.