QR Codes Trending [Infographic]

Last week I came across this sweet infographic over at Mashable from QR Code based startup JumpScan. Scroll to the bottom for my summary and comments.

an infographic illustrating the history and adoption of QR Codes, it all began in Japan with the Denso Company, its adoption is up 1200% in the last months, the iOS and Android are the most important platforms

Reading the infographic, these are my take-aways:

  • The inception of QR Codes dates back to 1994 (talk about a mature technology)
  • One in two people have seen a QR Code, or would recognize it.
  • iOS and Android devices, the mobile platforms with the highest growth, scan the most QR Codes.
  • The trend of QR Code use is exponential, the 1200% increase over a period of 6 months illustrate that clearly.
  • Leading brands are using it actively for marketing purposes.

It won’t be long until mobile tagging will be everywhere. Mobile data plans and smartphones will become mainstream in the coming years and connecting the physical world and the virtual world will be ubiquitous. I’m convinced that 2d codes will play a huge part in this trend; I sincerely hope QR codes will prevail as the defacto standard.

On the side, I felt like doing something crazy and registered QRCu.be for a concept I’m experimenting with. Nothing to see there at the time of this writing; hope to show something off at my Barcamp Antwerp (#bca5) presentation on the 26th of March. It’s a work in progress, to get the scoop follow @bertheymans on Twitter or subscribe to the newsletter.

By the way, scan my JumpScan profile QR Code:

a QR Code that links to the JumpScan account of Bert Heymans

2 thoughts on “QR Codes Trending [Infographic]”

  1. Thanks for sharing this infographic. As it turns out, our agency has created an infographic on 2D codes as well, focusing more on the marketing applications and choosing the right code for your needs. It’s available at http://j.mp/ewhszT – feel free to copy and/or share!

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