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This is one of my “stuff I got from the internet” type of posts, so if you want to know more about my QR Code marketing mashup research or project management advice feel free to skip this one. If you’re in to online marketing you could stick around because that’s something the Raz*War brand does very well in my honest opinion, and they’ve got their current success to speak for that.

edit: and there’s the coupon code at the bottom of the article if you’re interested

I’m a pretty big fan of the Raz*War brand razors and got a chance to test their latest product, the Raz*War Black, before it hits the store.

I actually won one of them with this tweet.

RT @razwar First 5 RT will get the chance to test our new product in beta for free #shave #rzwr #black24 Mar via web Favorite Retweet Reply

I tried the Raz*War Black this morning and this is my review:

  • first thing I noticed, the handle is great, big enough and it has a really good grip
  • glides very smoothly across the skin, comparable with the Gillette I used to shave with but in all fairness the Raz*War Black has a better feeling on the skin
  • the razor is really easy to rinse
  • the spring mechanism that pushed the blades toward the skin is a bit (too) light, you won’t cut yourself easily, that’s for sure
  • it’s a lot prettier than their other 5 blade model

In the past I’ve had other razors break down at the handle connection and I’m wondering how long that part of the Raz*War black will last, by the looks of the build it should withstand quite a lot.

As it’s still in beta there’s no way to tell what the price of the refills will be, but I presume Raz*War will continue its trend of really cheap re-fills.

The result of my shave looks like this, as I hope you can tell *cough* I’m learning about product photography (don’t worry, I won’t give up my day job yet):

a picture of Bert Heymans with a light beard, a product shot of the RazWar black razor on top of a set of refills, and a picture of Bert after shaving
As you may notice, I don’t shave my throat area with a razor.

Before this test I was using the Raz*War El Ché model and I’m considering changing to Black when it comes out of beta.

I’m not affiliated with Raz*War or anything similar. I like what they are doing, wanted to share this with you and give them some publicity on the blog here.

edit: Yay! In the meantime, the people from Raz*War contacted me and gave me a coupon code to share with you. Use RWFORBERT in your check-out. With this code you can get a 15% reduction at valid for orders starting at 7.50€ and the coupon code is valid until April 22, 2011.

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