Smart Coupon Conversion Technique

I really like this smart coupon conversion technique by SlideShare. It’s nothing new but the execution charmed me.

The moment I got 10.000 views on my presentations they sent me this email:

an email by slideshare offering a coupon because I got 10,000 views, offering a 1 month trial of their PRO product

They got me right when I didn’t even know I achieved something, they just made that happen. I’m sure the combination of a coupon with this excellent timing will get them extra sales. I’ve been researching CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) techniques lately. This email really caught my eye. It didn’t work for me though (sorry SlideShare).

How does this email help conversion?

      - it has great timing
      - the prospect is approached in the moment of the achievement
      - the coupon provides real value
      - the time limitation on the coupon (traditional but true to its goal)

What to look out for if you want to apply the same technique?

When you or your clients have any of the following situations, a similar approach could be a good fit:

      - you’re working in a freemium model
      - the product you’re selling has a warranty that expires
      - the product you’re selling works with consumables
      - you have metrics that can tell you a customer is better off with another of your products
      - products and services with accessories

CRO, by the way, is just another fancy acronym for online marketing while measuring and improving processes.

Yay for the internets!

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