Looking back at 2018

2018 was a fruitful year, with happy clients and interesting projects at Digipolis Gent filling most of my days. In this post I want to take a moment to look back at all the other professional stuff that happened in my life last year.

Community work

I’m really proud that we went into the 3rd year of organising Lean Coffee Gent. This wouldn’t have been possible without schip.gent. The LCG team grew too, Gert and I are really happy with the addition of our new co-hosts Erwin and Wendy.

I rejoined Toastmasters Gent! I’m well on my way on the Visionary Communication pathway.

We organised a crypto-roundtable meetup for a few months too. We used the lean meeting formula and it was organised towards discussing blockchain technology, we got full tables every night and we learned a lot but we had to set priorities and decided to put it on hold.

Training and events

I had the privilege of attending these courses in 2018:

I went to XPDays Benelux for the second time this year. It’s such a great and inspirational conference!

Speaking and teaching

I started working for WoltersKluwer on the side this year. The opportunity to take over a course on Digital Project Management Tools was offered to me and I took the opportunity. With no material to start from, and a zillion ideas in my head, devising a good curriculum turned out to be a really fun challenge. I’m grateful for the happy students and improved teaching skills.

I got the speak on the topic at “Dag van de Projectmanager” and I made a mini-course specifically geared towards Jira and Confluence for the “Digital Tools Experience Day“.

Looking forward

2019 looks like it’s going to an exciting year, I’ll definitely be exploring my current paths further. I’ll finish this post with …

“When the terrain disagrees with the map, trust the terrain.”

Swiss Army proverb